Why sponsoring a sailing event is so worthwhile

Sailing sponsorship is unique, stand out and very valuable for new and established brands. Read more here to find out why.

With the 2017 season now well underway, we are excited to be looking forward to 2018 and beyond.  Britannia's events are supported by a great network of Lifestyle Partners and Sponsors and we are delighted to open up some of our events for exclusive and new sponsorship opportunities for the 2018 season and beyond.

Sponsorship of a specific sailing event, series of events, or a bespoke sponsorship campaign offers an unrivaled and memorable opportunity to boost your brand exposure.  Britannia offers a platform like no other - a fabulous way to kick start a new marketing campaign, and a valuable and powerful addition to an existing campaign.

Read more below as to why sponsoring sailing is so valuable for your brand, and visit our sponsorship opportunities page here to see current opportunities.


Read on... here are some specific reasons that help explain why sailing sponsorship really stands out.

Memorable brand exposure - great scenery both on and off the water.  People will remember your brand when they see it out on the water (it's simply not like watching one of a string of ads on TV or in a traditional magazine - a logo on a yacht is something special).  Sponsorship will deliver immediate impact and brand presence.

Multiple touch points - include your brand in an integrated campaign.  We can tailor a campaign to suit your requirements include a lot of different touch points.  These could include online, social, digital, print, and onsite at a live event, (or series of events.)

Legacy branding - phenomenal photographic opportunities for use throughout a larger marketing campaign and PR activity.  (Britannia can arrange experienced marine photographers to capture your branding as per your objectives and brand look book.)

Face to face interactions - with attendees, onshore and offshore, making truly memorable marketing activity.

Product demo opportunities and conversations - demonstrate your product with potential customers at one of our events and have conversations and interact with potential customers while they're at an event they are thoroughly enjoying.

Brand association - associate your brand with a fun experience.  Our attendees come to our events because they are FUN. Associate your brand with this, and it will be remembered fondly.

Competitions and follow ups - our clients love a competition.  Through sponsoring a Britannia event, there are many opportunities to offer competitions specific to your brand and marketing objectives that can be activated online and face to face.  Chat to us about this to discuss further possibilities.

Return on experience - we talk about ROI, but experiencing a brand is a faster route to selling, and to increasing awareness and brand loyalty.  Sponsoring a sailing event allows you to get potential customers to really experience your brand (and its personality), not just look at it.

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Got an idea but not sure how it will work for you?  Contact us now to discuss your requirements further.  We will tailor something to suit you perfectly. 

Check out our Sponsorship Opportunties Page too for details on opportunities that are currently available.