Motivating your team – how corporate sailing days can help

Why not take the time to plan some activity in for 2021 to boost morale and generate some enthusiasm. Here are some ides…

Start with the obvious

Communicate your overall vision to inspire co-workers and create measurable objectives that directly contribute – so each team member can see what they need to accomplish, by when and understand how they impact the big picture.

Make sure targets are realistic and achievable, perhaps tier them to include stretch targets, but consistently underachieving against targets is demotivating and more likely to lead to an increase in employee turnover, than sales turnover.  Don’t forget to plan in performance reviews, so you can appraise your team’s efforts, understand any challenges and help support them.

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Create a buzz

Imagine an environment where the team are buzzing with excitement, where individuals are bursting with enthusiasm, where ideas pop out every few minutes, and everyone feels inspired, rewarded and proud of their achievements. Now imagine that team is performing well against targets – oh, you already are? Of course you are – it is hard to imagine failure in such a positive atmosphere.

But how to achieve such a buzz? A sailing day is a guaranteed way.

Your team will face the unfamiliar – learning how to sail a performance racing yacht. These yachts are designed to be sailed by a team, so everyone can be actively involved in the sailing.

As well as delivering the safety brief, the skipper and first mate will share the vision for the day (perhaps to sail to Cowes for lunch), everyone will be allocated a role, with clear responsibilities as to how they will contribute to the team performance.

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Communication is key

The team will need to communicate with each other as they sail the boat, making sure they are literally pulling in the same direction.

Most of the crew will probably have never sailed before, and the excitement of learning something new, challenging their thinking and building working relationships in a completely different environment is a fantastic experience guaranteed to leave a lasting impression long after the day has finished.

For groups of 10 people or more you can charter two yachts or more and we’ll arrange a race against between you. The banter (“You cheated!” “You stole our wind!” and so on) continues long after the race is over.

You can capitalise on this impression and help perpetuate the memories by arranging a photographer for the day, using the photos for ‘about us’ sections of your company website, newsletter updates or even framed on the office wall.  Alternatively branded t-shirts, caps or similar are fantastic souvenirs that your teams can wear again and again, each time reminding themselves what a fantastic day they had, and what a great company they work for!

Find out more about how a sailing day with Britannia can benefit your company by contacting our events team today.

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