Why sailing makes a great corporate team building event

HR departments around the world are always looking at ways to increase positivity in the workplace and here in the UK, we are a nation of people who respond well to corporate team building events that allow us to build on individual strengths as well as collectively as a team.

At Britannia Corporate Events, we are always working to ensure that our team building sailing days are the very best on the market, offering delegates the chance to build on their own skills and strengths and in turn improve their stance within their work environment.

Sailing is a brilliant way to build a strong team, where clear communication, creativity, trust and planning are all required to ensure that high performance is achieved and where working as a team really does provide the greatest results.

A corporate sailing day with Britannia is suitable for groups from 4 – 400 people, regardless of previous experience and open to companies and teams from all industries – from the legal sector to the building trade. We spend a lot of our time ensuring that our corporate team days are steered to those taking part,  meeting organisers objectives and goals and providing a fun filled experience that will benefit all of those involved. 

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If you’re planning a corporate team building event, take a look at how corporate sailing days can benefit your employees and your business and how it’s the perfect platform to strengthen your team:

Team work makes the ‘Dream’ work!

There’s no better way to make a group of people work as a team than by popping them all on a 40ft yacht and encouraging them to sail it to victory! Determining individual strengths and weaknesses will help improve efficiency amongst your staff and offer a sense of belonging, ensuring they understand where they sit within the work family tree.

Increases morale

We often find that our sailing days help to identify current or potential barriers to positive morale and can support team members in the creation and implementation of strategies to create a more fun and positive day to day work environment. In a workplace emotions can fall when the physical environment stays the same. Get your team out of the office occasionally for a totally unique and different activity. Having the wind in your hair as you sail across the Solent  under the sunshine is a great way to build an enthusiastic team, which in turn increases morale in the workplace. 

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Supports team and individual motivation

By simply arranging a team building day, employers are sending a message to their staff – you care about them and want them to succeed and are committed to them and their development. In return, delegates are likely to repay this investment by giving more to the business, taking pride in their role and having an increased desire to achieve both individual and company objectives. 

In addition, team building days can help individuals feel motivated about their role and their colleagues, and because they have spent time developing better, more trusting relationships with their fellow team members, are more likely to enjoy coming into the office and working as a team.

Improves communication

Clear communication is a key component to the success of a team’s work projects and relationships within a business. Team building days can support employees by enhancing their communication skills and improving their ability to co-operate successfully. Add to this the fun experience that will be had onboard one of our yachts and employees will be in a position where they will have the opportunity to get to know each other in an environment outside of the office which can be a real asset in building trust between the delegates.

Improves productivity

A happy team is a productive team and a day on the water will undoubtedly help to improve workplace productivity by encouraging those onboard to take their positivity back to the board room. Stepping out of the office for the day takes people away from the usual hustle and bustle of daily life which in return will help them to take a step back and potentially see things differently. So, if you’re starting a new project or have reached a plateau in a current one, a corporate sailing day may be just what you need to kick start success!

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Encourages creativity

Taking part in an activity that is ordinarily alien to someone can be the perfect way to open up a channel of creativity that has been previously left untapped. A sailing day requires delegates to step away from the computers and screens and use their imagination to create a fun, positive experience where all involved will be finding ways to work together to achieve the very best outcome for their team. This in itself is a great way to build creativity in individuals which will resonate back to the board room, where staff will return from their day away from the office refreshed and full of brilliant new ideas. 

Enhances trust and respect

When you have a team of individuals out in an environment that they are not normally used to, it goes without saying that there will be an element of trust required to ensure that all involved have a safe and enjoyable time. Thanks to the communication and information required to ensure a positive day is had by all, individuals gather a greater respect for each other and also for the company in which they work for. The exercises undertaken by all participants on a sailing day will require them to learn more about each other, including individual strengths and weaknesses, capabilities and anxieties, and in turn will help to build a trusting relationship outside of the office that will translate back into the board room. 

Find out more

Here at Britannia, we have a range of corporate sailing days and events available to help you experience the best team building day possible, whether you are looking to motivate, reward or inspire, all of our sailing days can be fully customised to meet your key objectives and are suitable for complete beginners to experienced yachtsman.

If you would like to find out more about our corporate sailing events, give our team a call today on 02380 458900 or email info@britanniaevents.co.uk

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