How corporate sailing events can increase productivity and creativity in the workplace

As we enter the new year, there’ll be more than a handful of employees who will be returning to work with a fresh outlook and fresh ideas. But more often than not, this positivity and creativity can be short lived as the mundanity of office life sets back in for another 365 days! We take a look at how corporate sailing events can increase productivity and creativity in the workplace, leading to a happier, motivated and inspired team.

It’s not unfair to say that often, corporate events get a bad name. Frequently, both employees and employers consider these events as a waste of time and resource. So, it’s no surprise that, if managers and decision makers do decide to organise a team building event, the prohibitive attitude adopted by some results in a poorly planned and poorly executed event that has the opposite of the desired effect.

While many pull the plug on their idea of a corporate day or team building event before they’ve had chance to consider the positive benefits it could have if organised correctly, reconsider that with the right events company behind you it could be the best thing you plan for 2023. Here, we look at a few ways in which a well planned corporate event can help your company thrive:

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Better communication

One of the main reasons corporate sailing events can increase productivity and creativity is by helping to improve communications, both internally and externally. Corporate culture is such in the UK that it is not unheard of for marketing teams not to know who anyone is in the facilities department. Or the accountants aren’t familiar with the PR team. While in day to day situations this may not be an issue, it is sometimes a barrier to successfully creating a positive and successful working environment.

What a way to build a stronger teamThis is the first time we have used Britannia Events, and it won’t be the last. Nikki did an awesome job is making sure we had a fantastic day. The crew were brilliant in ensuring everyone had a great time, and were well looked after. You will not find a better way to promote teamwork with your staff. Britannia Events rock!” – Richard Huison, Britannia Events customer

Team building and corporate events can facilitate the opportunity to shake up the status quo and inspire fresh collaboration between staff. Encouraging your team to spend time in an alien situation that requires new thinking can help encourage new relationships and cross-department communication. So, the next time you require the whole company to come together for a new corporate project, employees will be more capable of coming together to take on the challenge in a much more accepting manner.

Increased Productivity

Regardless of what kind of team building or corporate event you plan for your employees, it will, if executed correctly, result in fun! Though it’s not unheard of for some corporate events to consist of a dull lunch get together, doing something a little different can result in greater event engagement from delegates. 

Corporate sailing events can increase productivity and creativity, and while a team building sailing day on the Solent may not directly relate to any of your organisation’s goals, our experience would suggest otherwise. In fact, employees who consider their job ‘fun’ are much more likely to be productive and engaged in their line of work, resulting in reduced sick days and increased productivity. By taking one or two days out of the standard nine to five jaunt, you’ll be creating a happier, more successful ‘team’ culture.

New ideas and increased creativity

Consider this…an employer willing to contemplate and embrace an unconventional team building day or corporate event is much more likely to welcome fresh ideas in general.  Encouraging employees to step outside of their comfort zone can result in new ways of thinking, encouraging creativity and innovation and in return, offering a new set of opportunities, creating both mental and physical space for a fresh start. 

Being in a completely alien situation where everyone involved is at the same level, i.e. no one has ever sailed before, removes the corporate hierarchy, putting everyone attending in a place where even those who may normally not be required to have input or aren’t creative in an atypical office space (common of those who are required to number punch all day) find a new desire or ability to contribute. A fresh set of eyes and ears can be the catalyst to achieving a successful project.

A change of scenery to reset the mind

Corporate burnout impacts organisations much more than board members would care to admit, resulting in good employees to fall behind.  Regardless of whether a member of staff is perfectly suited to their role, the mundane, day in, day out task of managing a mounting workload or straight monotony can take a toll on an individual’s physical and mental health, thus resulting in decreased productivity.

Taking part in a corporate event can be a great way to break up an otherwise monotonous week, giving employees the opportunity to step away from the standard weekly grind and be part of something different and fun. As well as encouraging your top talent to stay loyal and continue to be creative, it can also be a great way to introduce new employees to your organisation, showing them that everyone’s input is encouraged regardless of role or department.

How can Britannia Corporate Events help your business?

A corporate sailing day with Britannia is suitable for groups from 4 – 400 people, regardless of previous experience and open to companies and teams from all industries – from the legal sector to the building trade. We spend a lot of our time ensuring that our corporate events are steered to those taking part, meeting organisers objectives and goals and providing a fun filled experience that will benefit all of those involved.

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Find out more

Here at Britannia, we have a range of corporate sailing days and regattas available to help you achieve your corporate event objectives, whether you are looking to motivate, reward, say thank you or inspire, all of our events can be fully customised to meet your requirements and are suitable for complete beginners to experienced yachtsman.

If you would like to find out more about our corporate sailing events, give our team a call today on 02380 458900 or email

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