What are corporate events and how can they help your business?

Corporate Sailing Events - Cowes Week Racing

In a nation where our workforces respond positively to activities and situations that allow them to build successful and long standing relationships, both internally and externally,  corporate events can be a key addition to future budget lines and planning. 

But what are corporate events and how can it really help your business to thrive?

Simply put, corporate events are any form of hospitality or social activity that are arranged and delivered by an organisation, be it in house or through an event agency, such as Britannia Corporate Events, that are available to a range of stakeholders.

In a recent study by Eventbrite, it was estimated that the UK events industry is worth a whopping £42.3 billion, with over 85 million individuals taking part! So when you think about it in terms of popularity and relevance within the business world, it could be considered as the number one budget line to include in your planning for the coming financial year. 

Who are corporate events for?

The target audience for a corporate event is pretty vast, and includes, but is not limited to:

  • Clients
  • Employees
  • Board members
  • Potential clients
  • Partners

Each audience group will no doubt have a different event objective, whether it’s to reward and recognise current staff, ‘woo’ potential customers, undertake a team building exercise, manage organisational changes or encourage collaboration, and as such, careful planning and execution is of paramount importance if you want to ‘do it right’. 

We take a look at how corporate events can benefit each stakeholder group and what benefits can be pertained from each.

Corporate events for employees

Corporate events can assist organisations in developing positive internal relationships and teambuilding, build confidence in individuals and teams, improve productivity and boost team morale. In addition, team building activities in an external environment can be an extremely effective way of boosting communication between employees. 

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Dependant on the event planned, they can also support in improving communication between staff members and enhance creativity. Determining individual strengths and weaknesses will help improve efficiency amongst your staff and in turn, assist management in determining which employees can excel in different working situations. 

In times of organisation uncertainty or change, corporate events can play a really positive part in reassuring staff that their position within the company is valued and that sometimes, change is good.

Corporate events for new and existing clients and partners

A corporate event for existing clients groups can be an excellent way to show your appreciation for their custom and help to cement future relationships. Similarly, they are excellent ways to bring in new clients, showcasing your business and its underlying values in a positive and impactful way. 

An organisation who care about their clients enough to reward them as opposed to just continuing a background relationship are more likely to secure future relations, providing the service received remains as is required, of course!

CRM isn’t just about managing communications with clients through technology, it’s about building and maintaining positive relationships in a holistic manner. Sure, we need to communicate via email and social media, keeping them up to date with key changes and opportunities, but we also need to ensure that, as a company, we don’t just become ‘another bill’ at the end of the month! 

Ultimately, corporate events can assist in building and maintaining important relationships with those who contribute to your bottom line – you can’t survive without them, so rewarding them for their business can be a great way to ensure that the partnership continues. 

How can Britannia Corporate Events help your organisation?

Established in 1998, we have over 20 years experience in providing the highest quality corporate events, specialising in sailing days and regattas from our base near Southampton on the south coast of the UK. With a large fleet or race ready yachts and years of experience, we know what our customers want and have built a strong reputation within the professional world.

Sailing is a brilliant way to build a strong team, where clear communication, creativity, trust and planning are all required to ensure that high performance is achieved and where working as a team really does provide the greatest results. The crew will be required to react to stressful situations, where thinking and consulting with fellow employees on the spot can be the difference between sailing your yacht to victory or not. 

Respect between peers can be developed and where necessary, a sailing event can provide a great space for staff to regroup and reassess, displaying strengths and weaknesses that can assist management in personal development planning and strategy. In addition, a day on the water at an industry regatta can be the ultimate reward for employees and client groups, where providing first class hospitality is the number one objective. 

At Britannia Corporate Events, we are always working to ensure that our corporate events are the very best on the market, offering delegates the chance to build on their own skills and strengths and in turn improve their stance within their work environment. 

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A corporate sailing day with Britannia is suitable for groups from 4 – 400 people, regardless of previous experience and open to companies and teams from all industries – from the legal sector to the building trade. We spend a lot of our time ensuring that our corporate events are steered to those taking part,  meeting organisers objectives and goals and providing a fun filled experience that will benefit all of those involved. 

Excellent way to entertain clients and different from the usual dinners/golf days. Plenty of interactive fun and participants can be as active as they wish. Have done a sailing day annually for a few years now and it never fails to put smiles on faces.

The team are Britannia are meticulous in their approach and organisation of the day, very professional and courteous.” – Jo Clarke, 2019 Britannia customer

Find out more

Here at Britannia, we have a range of corporate sailing days and regattas available to help you achieve your corporate event objectives, whether you are looking to motivate, reward, say thank you or inspire, all of our events can be fully customised to meet your requirements and are suitable for complete beginners to experienced yachtsman.

If you would like to find out more about our corporate sailing events, give our team a call today on 02380 458900 or email info@britanniaevents.co.uk

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